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SFIAB itself is completely free. If you have your own hosting provider that will host SFIAB for you, head over to www.sfiab.ca to download. If you would like us to install and host it for you, see below.


Hosting is provided on one of our secure, backed-up-nightly servers hosted in a Class A Data Centre with multiple internet backbones and power backups, and we guarantee all the software/server requirements needed for SFIAB to work properly!
  • FREE to try - no obligation
  • $150/year for full hosting
  • Includes unlimited storage space
  • Includes unlimited data throughput
  • Includes automatic SFIAB software updates


We also offer several support plans, should you need technical support while using SFIAB.

Bronze - Email Only

  • $100/year
  • Up to 25 emails

Silver - Email or Phone

  • $200/year
  • Up to 50 emails
  • Up to 2 hours phone support (mon-fri 9-5)

Gold - Extended Email or Phone

  • $500/year
  • Up to 100 emails
  • Up to 5 hours phone support (mon-fri 9-5)
  • Up to 1 hour emergency 24-hour phone support


Why should you host SFIAB or purchase a support contract through us? Well, we're the same people who wrote the software so, if anyone knows it inside and out, it's us! Every dollar generated goes back into making SFIAB even better!

*All prices are in US Dollars

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